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Come and Enjoy the Share One Planet Competition!

Share One Planet Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition, or we say SOP for short, launched in August of 2010. It is the first invitational competition of wild animals' protection in CG field. All entrants are outstanding and influential artists invited by the Organizing Committee of SOP. Meanwhile, this event is not only a party for CG artists, but also for the CG industry. CGSociety, 2dartist, 3dcreative, ImagineFX, cgw and other well-known Medias are the Official Media Partners of SOP.

The Organizers of SOP intend to send invitations to over 2,000 selected CG art elites. Until now, over 200 artists entered this event with many good WIP works uploaded.(WIP: ) You can find many familiar names among them, like: Andy Thomas, Skan Srisuwan, Greg Broadmore, Melanie Delon, Loic Zimmermann, Kekai Kotaki, Jiema, J.S. Rossbach, Antonio Javier Caparo...

Here are two WIPs from SOP:

Loris Planet(WIP) By Antonio Javier Caparo

Tiger Portrait (WIP) By Fernando Ferreiro

How to become the entrant?
The Organizers draft a list of invitee artists on the website and will send invitations to all the members listed.

The list:

 Not involved?
It is impossible for us to list all outstanding artists in the draft. If you are outstanding and have the passion on this wild animals' theme, please send your works and your bio to: We will reply you within 5 working days.

Involved but don't have the invitation?

This could be due to one of below reasons:
1. The invitation went to your Spambox.
   -- Check your spambox please. 
2. The invitation rejected by the mailing system.
   -- Contact SOP  ( soon!
3. The invitation was sent to other email address of yours.
   -- Check other emails of yours, or give us your current email address.

Please don't forget to add SOP ( to your contact list or white list!

By now, several top CG artists, who are outstanding and have the enthusiasm for wild animals' protection, were invited by the Organizing Committee to create the poster artwork for SOP. Their contribution has a wide influence to the development and promotion of wild animals' protection as well as CG industry. Below are two poster artworks:

Poster artwork of Share One Planet competition, by Andrew “Android” Jones ( )

Poster artwork of Portrait Category of Share One Planet competition, by Adrian Smith ( )

Come and join us! Lets’ give our efforts to the endangered wild animal’s protection even to the environment protection with the power in our hand: CG ART!

Deadline of Submission: February 28th, 2011 (BJT, GMT+8).

Useful Links:

You also can follow SOP on Facebook and Twitter.